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by admin on October 18, 2012

reviews of Isagenix cleansing systemThis is an honest and genuine Isagenix review. Many of the reviews about Isagenix products have been written by competitors, who haven’t used the products and who are deliberately trying to persuade you to purchase their product and will often make misleading statements.

We have used the Isagenix cleansing programs, both the 9 day and 30 day programs, as well as many of the other products produced by the company and so are in a good position to provide an accurate insight in to how the products work and if they offer good value for money.


First of all let’s take a look at the company and the management team. This is a ‘real’ business that has been around for over ten years, has operations in many countries around the world and a turnover in excess of $200 million dollars per day.

The company is run by Jim Coover, Kathy Coover and John Anderson.  Both Jim and Kathy Coover bring a wealth of management experience to the table, but for the purpose of these Isagenix reviews lets take a closer look at a man named John Anderson.

John Anderson, known as the mineral man, is one of the world’s leading supplement formulators having formulated thousands of different products for hundreds of companies (including many of the popular supplements used today). John felt these companies often compromised on the quality and integrity of these products to reduce costs and wanted to create a no-compromise product and Isagenix is just that.


As mentioned above this company has a no-compromise approach to its products and only uses the highest quality ingredients, which are sourced from around the world. For example the IsaLean Shake, one of the pillars of health, uses a Whey protein which comes from grass fed cows living in a pristine environment in New Zealand. This meets and even exceeds USDA Organic Standards.

The products are all completely natural, contain no artificial fillers, preservatives or colors and Isagenix use advanced formulation techniques to ensure the product is completely undenatured and still ‘alive’ (through the use of digestive enzymes.

These raw, natural ingredients are combined using the formulation knowledge and experience of master formulator John Anderson to create products which are safe, natural and effective.

The Cleansing Systems

Although there are now in excess of fifty different products in the entire range, our Isagenix reviews will concentrate on the flagship products: The Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Systems.

Nutritional cleansing is based on the ancient concept of cleansing, which helps to support the bodies natural detofication processes and rid the body of harmful toxins and impurities. Although cleansing has been shown to be effective in managing overall health, it was missing a vital element. Although the ‘bad stuff’ was being removed, there was no system in place to ‘put the good stuff’ back in. This is where nutritional cleansing takes things a big leap forward. By both helping the body to remove harmful toxins and impurities and feeding the body with the nutrients it needs to restore health and return to its natural balance, nutritional cleansing is able to assist people in losing weight, increasing energy levels, and improving vitality and wellness.

The 9 and 30 Day Programs

isalean shakesAs part of our Isagenix reviews we have used both the 9 day and 30 day cleansing programs. The 9 day program is a short-term, quick results program that is more intense than the more gentle and longer-term 30 day program.

Both provide great results, however although the 9 day system produces quick results we feel the 30 day program is a better choice as it is easier to follow and more gentle on the body, but more importantly it provides enough time for your body to return to its natural balance and to provide lasting changes to your daily lifestyle habits.

Buy Online

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Isagenix Reviews Summary: What We Think

These truly are high quality, natural, safe and effective fat burning and cleansing programs. When you look at the facts, the testimonials and the genuine Isagenix reviews, it is clear that these products work.

If you are looking to lose weight, increase energy levels or improve vitality we recommend taking a closer look at either the 9 or 30 day nutritional cleansing programs.

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